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Finally, New Recruiting Memes

| February 12, 2016 2:37 pm

Another week has gone by and same set of recycled recruiting memes has passed through my LinkedIn feed. Some used so often, that there are now memes about seeing that same meme. It’s not that memes are unimportant. They’re the catchphrases and clichés that can build and bind a community across the digital divide, a lingua franca (hey now!) for those “in the know.” More importantly, they can often bring a much needed light heartedness to the more mundane and frustrating elements of the job.

I could write another meme “think piece” to add the already overflowing pile or I could have a little bit more fun. So, with the trusty help of https://frinkiac.com/ (Frinkiac has nearly 3 million Simpsons screencaps) I’ve tried to create some new memes of my own. Hopefully, these will be flooding my LinkedIn feed soon.

For whenever people ask about my recruiting strategy: Season 12 / Episode 14


For when you’ve spent all day dialing but no one has actually answered: Season 7 / Episode 17

For whenever you’re dealing with difficult hiring managers: Season 8 / Episode 13

Every time I do interview prep: Season 11 / Episode 8

What I worry my consultants might actually say in an interview: Season 5 / Episode 13

The importance of getting the details of the job before accepting: Season 12 / Episode 5

Whenever I have to coach someone through a counter-offer: Season 6 / Episode 13


Small company recruiting problems: Season 14 / Episode 16
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