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Which Game of Thrones character would be the best candidate to join your team?

| July 18, 2017 5:00 pm

With the hype of the Game of Thrones season premiere being released this past Sunday (and being a diehard fan myself), I wanted to discuss the characters and which is the strongest potential candidate to work with. Why you should work with them? What’s easiest about working with them? As well as the qualities, you see in them that you’d like to see in yourself/or the candidates you place. Finally, of course, what you wouldn’t want to see. Also – if you’re extremely into podcasts, check out Binge Mode Game of Thrones (wildly hilarious and analyzes every episode from start to finish.)

Daenerys Targaryen – Motivated
She is the one the only Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons, and boy is she consistently motivated. Daenerys is one thing: determined. She wants to take back the Seven Kingdoms and by golly is she going to do it. Throughout the previous 6 seasons, she has taken advice from several, learned a lot about what makes a good ruler/leader, and perseveres through all trials and tribulations.

We want candidates who are motivated, excited to learn, and not discouraged through setbacks. Sometimes an individual’s biggest downfall and enemy can be themselves. Speaking from personal experience, criticism can be difficult to accept. However, if you learn to be confident (as does Khalessi) and believe in yourself, you can be extremely successful individually and on a team.

Tyrion Lannister – Thought Provoking

Tyrion Lannister rests on the cusp of condescending and helpful in the earlier seasons (while ultimately stirring up trouble in a few different ways). However, he develops into an advisory over the course of his story line. He is quite intelligent, very knowledgeable of the 7 Kingdoms, as well as sympathetic to many and their situations given his own upbringing and resentment from his father. He tends to play devil’s advocate, provoking further thought for many prior to make certain decisions.

Candidates should be asking questions, and playing out different scenarios. “How can we best address this issue?” “Is there more than one solution?” Yes, at times, business is all about speed and how you can get the ball rolling. But sometimes, being hasty can get you in trouble. Candidates who are analytic and solution-focused work very well in high pressure arenas and amongst a team.

Jon Snow – Leader
You know nothing Jon Snow… Quite the contrary, but I had to throw it in there. Jon faces some real hatred from his Step Mother Kat Stark, Alliser Throne, and Olly (stupid, stupid, Olly), to name a few. He’s seen a lot in his 6 seasons, broken an oath or two, but maintains his honor to House Stark and the North overall. The guy came back to life… I mean come on! He was born a natural leader and will step up to lead whenever he can. He’s mentally strong and not easily deterred in the face of battle.

When candidates are willing to step up and take the reins, develop a strategy, and execute a plan, it shows independence. There are times when you know you can take the lead, but also need to step back because your idea may not always be best. If a candidate has had a leadership role in the past, they have most likely been put in charge of something and not always gotten it right, taken risks, taken criticism, but also served a staple to bring several together and collaborate successfully.

Cersei Lannister – Loyal
Despite loving how evil she is, I will try to take an objective view of her because she does have one good quality. LOYALTY. Cersei from day 1 wants the world for herself, Jamie and her children. She is meticulous with all her planning and has an end goal in mind. Yes, she is quite unethical (but look what happened to honorable Ned Stark, poor Ned). Even with the mass of amount of wrongdoings Cersei commits, she always (terrifyingly) sticks to her promises.

Okay NO, we absolutely do not want an unethical candidate who will advance their own cause regardless of the people who die on their path to success. However, loyalty is something to truly cherish in a prospective employee. A candidate who has been with their previous company for quite some time, experienced growth, most likely added to the overall value and culture of the organization. This is an individual we look for. Why? Because past behavior repeats itself and like many organizations hope for, we would love an employee to stay and aid our own development for years to come.

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