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Partnership is Key- The Importance of a Recruiter and Recruiting Coordinator Team

| May 10, 2017 12:08 pm

As busy recruiters, we depend on recruiting coordinators to help provide support and accountability tracking our busy schedules. A recruiting coordinator is a problem solver and supports the recruiter by scheduling interviews and other vital details that are a part of the candidate’s overall experience, while the recruiter seeks out quality candidates, interviews, meets with hiring managers, and builds client and candidate relationships.

Together the recruiter and recruiting coordinator partner to ensure a smooth interview process. These relationships are key to ensure a seamless experience for the candidates, as well as the hiring managers.

Recruiting coordinators are the first company representatives and recruiters rely on them heavily to guarantee the candidates interview experience is excellent. To maintain a great recruiting coordinator/recruiter relationship stellar communication is the key. They must be able to work together seamlessly, while having the same end goal of providing an excellent candidate experience and maintain the process through relationships & quality work.

There are countless fires that recruiters/recruiting coordinators encounter throughout any given day and they both must remain flexible without getting too overwhelmed with day to day tasks. Recruiters must leverage their relationships with recruiting coordinators to ensure the candidates experience is always a top priority.

Once the recruiter has sourced a candidate and started the interview process, it is the recruiting coordinators responsibility to ensure the candidate is scheduled and confirmed for their interview and also informed of the logistics of the interview process. By doing this, it assures that both the client/hiring manager & candidate have the optimal experience. It is crucial that the candidate experience is simple and easy.

Outside of the candidate management piece, recruiters rely on recruiting coordinators to help assist in numerous tasks that allow them to free up their schedules to focus in on being a successful recruiter. Time management is key within this industry. Working around candidate and hiring manager schedules can be a bit tricky at times, this is where the assistance of the recruiting coordinator comes into play. Recruiting coordinators are only as successful for the recruiters they support. Full-Lifecycle recruiting can be a balancing act at times, so to be able to depend on a recruiting coordinator is key.

This is a great position for recent graduates who want to get into the recruiting field. You learn team work, scheduling, administrative assisting, sourcing and recruiting. Partnering with a stellar recruiter will provide great insight, training and lay the groundwork for a successful future within the field.

At NSS RPO, we always have a need for strong recruiting coordinators to support our top clients. As graduation is approaching, now may be the time to consider starting your search. Always feel free to reach out to, whether you are a client in search of top notch recruiting coordinator talent or you are a candidate in search of a great opportunity. We are always in search of stellar talent to partner with.

A collaboration piece by Mandy Vitto, Senior Internal Recruiter at NSS RPO and Jessica Anderson, Recruiting Coordinator II at NSS RPO (a consulting firm that provides on-site and virtual recruiting professionals). Contact NSS RPO to learn about how we can help your organization meet and exceed its hiring goals.