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Westeros is Now Hiring!

| July 26, 2017 5:27 pm

But, would you want to work there?  Do you want to involve yourself in this Game of Thrones, and if so, who would you want to work for? When it comes to employment, it’s a two way street.  While most recruiters and companies talk about their ideal candidate, it’s also equally important for employees to be employed by their ideal company.  Inspired by my colleague’s blog last week, “Which Game of Thrones Character Would be the Best Candidate to Join Your Team?”  I pondered, “Which Game of Thrones character would I want to be employed by?”  Slightly different perspective, and here it goes:


Arya Stark: She is small and independent and grows stronger and bigger with each new situation that comes her way.  She is like a growing startup company.  You do want to work for a company that has nothing but growth.  However, she is a loner and has no official operating procedures.  Her tactics involve deceit/trickery and are unconventional regardless of how awesome and impactful they are.  She learns as she goes and walks away as quickly as she walked in.  Even her wolf becomes too independent to stay by her side.   While she is undoubtedly THE Game of Thrones’ badass, she simply cannot be trusted.  I still love her, though, and she is my favorite!

Daenerys Targaryen:  Her presence is strong and she also continues to grow.  Contrary to Arya, she has many followers who are loyal to her.  She seems to genuinely want “good” in the world, and for people to have some amount of freedom.  She is able to speak multiple languages which broadens her pool of “clients” and makes her more approachable by those she leads.  Her empire is similar to a large company that continues to grow and has a level respect and fairness.  In business, you have to speak your client’s language to secure their investment in you.  However, consequences could be more than a verbal reprimand or packing your office in a box.  She has freaking dragons!  You could literally get fired.  😉

Cersei Lannister:  Clearly, she gets the job done.  She sets her mind to something, and BAM!!  LITERALLY. She blew the whole sept with everyone in it!  Although she is highly focused and an evil genius, that’s just it.  She is pure evil.  For different reasons than Arya, she cannot be trusted.  There’s no doubt that she would get rid of you if she could gain from it in any way, or if you simply looked at her wrong.  Having no type of security is a terrible feeling when it comes to employment.  I wouldn’t want to go to work everyday wondering if I still have a job… or even my life in this case.  What’s that rumbling noise coming from the floor?

Tyrion Lannister:  Unlike his b*tchy sister, Tyrion has a heart.  He knows the difference between good and evil and tends to ultimately stick to the good side.  His mental acuity is unmatched, and he is an expert in diplomacy.  He also already has an abundance of capital. He may not be the strongest in the battlefield, but he still gives it his all exhibiting both commitment and devotion.  He has lived adversity being rejected by his own family his entire life and chose to prevail instead of projecting resentment on others.  Instead he takes it out on himself with his occasional depression and excessive drinking. Regardless of all his positive attributes, he is continuously passed around and has to find a way to survive every situation.  You definitely don’t want to work for a company that is trying to stay afloat no matter how much you love their ideals and values.

Jon Snow:  Initially he seemed like he had nothing but good intentions, but can those good intentions leave you vulnerable by being too trusting?  When it comes to business, you only want to present the information that is necessary.  You should never volunteer more or not produce enough.  You should represent your company with polish and professionalism and limit emotions in the equation.  Jon broke some oaths to include having a relationship with a Wildling, causing distrust and eventually his (temporary) demise by being murdered by the very people he thought would stand by him in battle.  He’s mentally and physically strong, but shows weaknesses when it comes to compassionate situations.  He died and was brought back to life.  I wouldn’t want to work for a company that almost tanked and miraculously resurfaced.  History repeats itself, leaving wonder if it will go under again because of similar issues, or has this company learned?

While all may possess some strong traits and practices, logically speaking, it makes the most sense to work for Daenarys.  She has such an abundance of followers, supporters, armies and alliances.  It’s clear that she is growing and built a strong foundation.  I always say, you can’t build a tall building without a strong base.  Otherwise, it will fall.  A business is as good as it’s leader.  It’s important to find an employer with similar ideals as your own in order to: like your job and perform it well, possibly be noticed, and ultimately provide to the growth of the company as well as your own.

Priya Jindal is the Engagement Manager at NSS RPO, a consulting firm that provides on-site and virtual recruiting professionals. Contact NSS RPO to learn about how we can help your organization meet and exceed it’s hiring goals.