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Our Story

NSS RPO was founded by Conor Nicholson in 2009. Prior to NSS RPO, Conor spent 10 years as a sought-after recruiter, primarily in the information technology space. He had experience in both agency and corporate recruiting environments, and had built relationships with an extensive network of renowned recruiters. Identifying the market need for a local and personalized approach to RPO, he began supporting Fortune 500 companies in their search for high-quality contract recruiters. From the very beginning, Conor worked hand in hand with his wife Jessica, who handled all of the finance and operations. In the fall of 2010, he left a full-time role in order to dedicate all of his time to growing the company. In less than a year, the company employed 25 contract recruiters across a variety of clients.

In 2012, NSS RPO hired John Rice as its first ever Director of Business Development. John helped break into a number of key accounts and solidify our reputation as one of the premier providers of RPO. In 2014, NSS RPO hired Mandy Vitto as our Internal Recruiter and she has expanded our network of quality recruiters.

Since its inception, NSS RPO has hired hundreds of recruiters in over 25 states. NSS RPO is proud to include among its clients eight of the ten largest government contractors and one of the nation’s largest banks.

NSS RPO is your trusted provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions.  Founded by an experienced recruiter and solely focused on RPO, NSS RPO offers a strong network of exceptional recruiters and customizable staffing solutions. Named to Washington Business Journal’s prestigious list of Top 25 Staffing Agencies, NSS RPO is known for its quality, agility, and expertise. If you have a recruitment staffing need at your organization, NSS RPO can customize a solution for you, no matter how big or small. Contact us at info@nssrpo.com.