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Why I Chose NSS RPO

Michele Reed, Lead RPO Consultant

“Due to the presence that Conor has on LinkedIn, I reached out to him in hopes of speaking about potential opportunities. When we first spoke, I knew right away that Conor was rare in the world of recruiters. It can sometimes be difficult to find individuals who have been so successful but who still have their feet on the ground and remain well connected to the front lines. He and NSS RPO as a whole really put a fresh spin on professional level recruiting and customer dedication, both of which are hard for our competitors to match.

Working for NSS RPO has been a wonderful experience and as I’ve said many times before, “It feels like home.” Because of their network of Hiring Managers and Directors I’ve been here for just under 3 years. There is a large amount of respect among employers for what NSS RPO brings to the table and the kind of reputation that we keep, so finding opportunities to support cutting edge organizations is actually quite easy.

NSS RPO offers relevant training seminars and networking events that will support my career development as I move forward. If you are looking for a stable and relevant employer, NSS RPO has much to offer. Built on integrity, honesty, responsibility and drive . . . what better foundation is there to stand on?