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Payroll Services

NSS RPO offers Payroll Services, allowing businesses to scale their workforce as needed without adding to headcount or administrative expenses. 

NSS RPO provides Payroll Services to businesses of all sizes and across all industries, including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and nonprofits.

What are Payroll Services?

With Payroll Services, a company can expand their talent base – or bring furloughed / laid-off employees back to work – without taking on the financial and administrative burden of increased full-time headcount. NSS RPO is responsible for all payroll and administrative functions, including hours and recordkeeping, tax withholding, unemployment insurance, and all other payroll-related functions. 

Why Choose Payroll Services?

Using NSS RPO for Payroll Services allows a company to remain flexible, especially in the face of uncertainty: should the employees in question be brought on to regular full-time employment in the future, they can be transferred at no additional cost. On the other hand, if a future workforce reduction is required, the responsibility for layoffs and unemployment benefits lies with NSS RPO.

Payroll Services are also fully customizable: the client can dictate the terms of the engagement, including pay, length of engagement, and more.

Benefits of Payroll Services

  • Cost Control. Alleviate costs and legal risks associated with employment while accessing necessary talent
  • Utilize Furloughed/Laid off Staff. Employees that were let go due to business declines have the skills and experience needed to do the job at hand. Don’t let those skills go to waste when business returns
  • Risk Mitigation. Alleviate the legal risk of Co-Employment or future reductions in force
  • Staff for Projects and Contracts. Utilize experts such as former employees, consultants or specialists for low-risk, short-term engagements
  • On-the-Job Evaluation. Identify and evaluate new employees on the job prior to a formal offer of employment
  • Comply with Corporate Hiring Mandates. Downsize full-time headcounts, comply with corporate hiring freeze policies, or manage an internal contingent workforce  

How do Payroll Services Work?

Payroll services differ from temporary staffing services in a few critical ways.

1. First, the client company identifies the candidate rather than requesting candidates from the NSS RPO talent pipeline, as is standard with other services

2. When candidate information is forwarded to NSS RPO, a virtual registration takes place, with on-boarding and orientation tailored to match client specifications

3. Once that is complete, NSS RPO becomes the employer of record for the individual. While they complete the work assigned to them by the client company, NSS RPO is responsible for employee wages, statutory taxes, unemployment / workers compensation, as well as all reporting and recordkeeping requirements for the duration of the engagement

4. Should the need arise, the client company can transition the individual back to regular full-time status at any point with no additional fees required. On the other hand, if the person’s employment is no longer required, the responsibility for termination lies with NSS RPO

Interested in how our payroll services can help your business? Please contact Christine O’Such at christine@nssrpo.com