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NSS RPO is headquartered in the Washington DC-metro area and this means our RPO team has extensive experience supporting government contractors of all sizes. In many cases, we serve as their recruiting arm for all funded and contingent positions. For example:


Funded/Active Positions

Highly Specialized or Hard to Fill Roles
In today’s highly technical climate, you need a partner who understands the landscape. NSS RPO is experience and efficient with their methods for identifying and providing junior through senior-level support to a variety of highly technical and non-technical roles.  From analytical and research-based positions to engineering and other technical roles, NSS RPO has a proven record of successfully recruiting quality cleared-candidates in the intelligence and defense space.  NSS RPO does not simply rely upon job boards – what makes us different is that we leverage our large personal networks and exclusive database of cleared professionals.

High Volume Surges
Whether you have an unexpected high-volume task order issued, or if a project requires a multiple candidates, NSS RPO is experienced in providing real-time support to urgent projects that need a high number of personnel with a quick turnaround.

NSS RPO has and continues to support a variety of projects that involve a deployment and is knowledgeable in the logistics, compliance items and processes/procedures that are involved to effectively staff OCONUS roles.

Similar to high-volume surges, NSS RPO routinely is called upon to backfill a previously filled position.  The talent market is fluid, and people change positions for a variety of reasons. Our primary goal is to minimize the loss of work during this time and fill the newly vacant role with a candidate that can hit the ground running.



Market Research
During the proposal or bid phase, NSS RPO is often called upon to provide general market research on particular job titles or positions.  As a recruiting consultancy, we are often involved in the full scope of the project, assisting in pricing by providing salary information and aiding statements of work by providing job descriptions for specialized roles.

Pipelines for Upcoming Proposals
In preparation for a task order or upcoming project, NSS RPO often builds candidate pipelines.  By proactively identifying and screening candidates, our clients have the resources necessary to immediately deliver on their internal requirements.

Letters of Intent
For work that has not been awarded, as part of our offer process we often obtain and track letters of intent (LOI’s) from candidates.

Resume Sourcing
Since NSS RPO has access to a wide variety of cutting-edge recruiting resources, a Client will occasionally request that we source and identify resumes for a particular or variety of skill sets.

HR and Administrative Support
There are many administrative functions that accompany the recruitment process. These can be time-consuming for organizations that are already strapped for time. We provide services that include coordinating schedules, setting up on-site & phone interviews, to tracking & facilitating the completion of on-boarding documentation, and much more.